Cooling and air quality is vital in a healthcare facility, our patients and staffs comfort is our primary concern. Through joining forces with Otisair last year it has made my job easier as I no longer have to worry about any air conditioning problems. Otisair visits our facility monthly to ensure our systems are working efficiently and to identify any potential problems. They have a very professional and attentive technician that does a tremendous job servicing our units. The extensive preventative maintenance programme guarantees that they are swapping out parts prior to them breaking down. Our staff and patients are happier as a result of their hard work and commitment to our facility.

The fixed cost agreement that we partake ensures that the risk for our air conditioning equipment is with Otisair and as such, they have a vested interest in reducing our mechanical problems, we also don’t receive any additional invoices for any work that needs to be completed assisting me in achieving my annual financial goals.

I look forward to a long partnership with Otisair as they provide us with outstanding professional service.