Whether you require an energy-efficient air-conditioning system for your Business and/or for your Building, our team of experts at OTISAIR are here to advise you of the best system to suit your industry requirements.


OTISAIR are the official distributors in the Cayman Islands for some of the World’s leading air-conditioning system suppliers, however, our team of experts are able to work with and install a broad range of air-conditioning systems as required.

For your Building

From initial consultation through installation completion, our experts are here to advise every step of the way, recommending the most efficient and value for money air-conditioning system tailored to your Building’s requirements.

Choosing a new air-conditioning system for a Building can be a complex process, with so many different variables to consider. With OTISAIR you can rest assured that our experienced consultants are here to help, assessing and advising which system will be best suited to your requirements, ensuring absolute efficiency and customer satisfaction.

If you already have an existing system for your Building we are able to do a comprehensive system evaluation looking at the age, efficiency and condition of the system before making our recommendation to meet your objectives.

For your Business

Our team of consultants can recommend and install the ideal unit to suit your business requirements. We take time to consult with you, the business owner, to determine all your requirements and advise on the most efficient solution. As distributors for some of the most effective brands on the market, we take time to evaluate your air-conditioning needs and establish the most energy and cost-efficient system suited to your business.

The Team

Our team of highly skilled and experienced technicians have outstanding knowledge of the challenges you face which allows us to find the perfect solution for you. With over 100 years of collective experience, we pride ourselves in customer satisfaction and quality HVAC customer service.


We're Here to Help

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