The Service Team at OTISAIR, consider the decision to obtaining a preventative maintenance program critical to the asset value of any property. We recognize that by solving this often multifaceted piece of the asset management puzzle, our customers are then able to focus their energies more on their day to day business.

Can you imagine the number of things that can go wrong with your HVAC system?

Today’s systems are highly sophisticated, complex and extremely demanding. Without regular expert care and maintenance, there’s just no end to the number of things that can go wrong!

Beginning with the basic problems, such as varying degrees of comfort; faltering performance; failing components; blundering service; replacing eEquipment; using excessive amounts of energy; exceeding budgets; wasting money; and losing control.

You want a company that you can rely on, one that will do what they say they’re going to do – keep your building operating comfortably and efficiently. On those rare occasions when you require emergency service, you want a prompt service beginning with a courteous and efficient member of staff who immediately dispatches a highly trained technician to quickly diagnose and correct the problem. Finally you want to be informed, not necessarily involved, but informed about what happened. Proper communication and follow-through after each visit keep OTISAIR customers in control. We believe you have enough to worry about without worrying about the HVAC system in your facility. We simplify the most complex part of your building.

HVAC system maintenance isn’t expensive compared to what you might spend if your system degrades (and ultimately fails).

Is a Commercial Preventative Maintenance Program Cost Effective?

If you purchase a piece of HVAC equipment for $10,000 with a forecasted lifespan of 10 years and it costs $10,000 to maintain properly, at the end of the 10 year lifespan this piece of equipment will have cost $20,000. If you purchase the same piece of equipment and you don’t maintain it and you have to replace it after 5 years and again after another 5 years as you have continued not to maintain it, your total cost would then be $30,000.These savings are significant to any business. Professional Preventative Maintenance is a much more cost effective choice than replacing your equipment more frequent than would otherwise be needed.

The Service Team at OTISAIR deliver a fully comprehensive Preventative Program which adheres to manufacturers guidelines ensuring we maximize the lifespan of your equipment. We believe in delivering an exceptional level of service and forming partnerships with our customers. As such, we provide a detailed breakdown of the service level that you can expect prior to commencing an agreement and our confidence is demonstrated to you with an agreement that is flexible and has no minimum timeframe of commitment.

At OTISAIR each program is tailored to the needs of your building and staff. Through our consultation process, we strive to provide a full financial and operational analysis of your building. We factor in your long and short term goals for the building which allows you to make a well informed decision.

Before developing a solution for your facility, we recommend a complete HVAC system analysis. We take into account the age, condition, and efficiency of the systems, whether a plan can be developed and customized to fit the budget, and your goals and objectives for the facility.

Our Fully inclusive Guaranteed Lifetime Protection plan includes Programmed Preventative Maintenance Monthly visits, 24/7 emergency service, all labor, mechanical parts and materials, travel costs and complete System Replacement providing you with complete peace of mind and the additional advantages of:

  • Flat line your budget as it relates to your HVAC maintenance and repairs
  • Reduce down time
  • Increase profits
  • Include equipment replacement in the plan
  • Extend equipment life
  • Lower expenses by reduced owning and operating costs
  • Improved equipment reliability and uptime
  • Increase your energy efficiency and sustainability
  • Provide increased building comfort and indoor air quality
  • Fund Preventative Maintenance Programs without increasing your budget

Predictive maintenance is also imperative. By tracking different system indicators such as oil temperature, RPM speeds, and other factors, we can pick up on many emerging problems before they reach a crunch situation. Different diagnostics can point to potential issues that can be corrected before they become a serious problem or breakdown. Building Management Systems can be invaluable in maintenance diagnostics by vastly improving response times to maintenance problems via troubleshooting.

Whereas every piece of equipment will need to be changed eventually, following a rigorous, comprehensive Preventative Maintenance program will extend your building’s HVAC system and preserve not only a healthy bottom line, but content, satisfied, happy staff and tenants.

No Hassles. No Headaches. No Risks.

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